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Self Care Counseling of South Florida, Inc.

Self Care Counseling of South Florida, Inc. is a counseling business serving clients in office in Weston and Lake Worth, as well as, Virtually. We specialize in providing individual, couples, and family counseling services. We use evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused Therapy to address substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders. Our goal is to break down the stigma associated with accessing mental health treatment and promote self-care. With over 16 years of experience, we offer personalized care tailored to each client's needs. We have a strong network of partnering clinicians/agencies to ensure quality care.

Jamie Sockol, LMHC
Self Care provides a sense of worthiness and internal peace.

Benefits of Mental Health Services

Accessing mental health services offers numerous benefits, including early intervention, symptom management, improved quality of life, enhanced coping skills, reduced stigma, social connections, prevention of relapse, improved daily functioning, education and awareness, support for individuals and families, and reducing health care expenses. 

Early intervention is crucial in preventing the worsening of symptoms, as prompt detection and treatment significantly improve outcomes.

Effective symptom management ensures that mental health conditions have minimal interference with daily functioning, addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, and more.

Engaging with mental health services can lead to an enhanced quality of life. With effective treatment and support, individuals can better cope with challenges, build resilience, and experience greater life satisfaction. 


These services contribute to the development of essential coping skills, vital for maintaining mental well-being in the face of life's stressors and trauma.


By fostering open conversations and providing support, mental health services contribute to increased understanding and acceptance, thereby reducing the stigma surrounding mental health treatment.

Access to necessary support enhances social connectedness, a key factor in mental well-being and recovery.


For individuals with chronic mental health issues or those battling substance use disorders, continuous support through mental health services helps maintain stability and prevent setbacks.

The overarching goal of mental health services is to improve one's ability to function in various aspects of life, including work, relationships, daily activities, and social settings. Developing or enhancing skills in communication, problem-solving, and emotion regulation are crucial aspects of the gains one can expect from participating in mental health services.

These services often include education about mental health issues and strategies for self-care. Increased awareness empowers individuals to play an active role in their overall well-being.

Mental health services extend to supporting the families of individuals facing mental health challenges, helping them gain a deeper understanding. These services are often offered to individuals, couples, and families. Strengthening, enhancing, and developing supportive relationships contribute to increased satisfaction and well-being.

Increased stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms can have direct links to physical health. Engaging in mental health interventions can help reduce overall healthcare costs. By proactively addressing mental health issues, individuals may be less likely to require more intensive and costly interventions later.

To learn more about the benefits of mental health services, take advantage of a 15 minute consultation, for free.



What sets us apart


New and Expecting Mothers


Gottman Method Marriage and Couples Counseling (Level 2 Trained)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Motivational Interviewing
Solution Focused
Narrative Therapy

Qualified Supervisor in the State of Florida for MHC I

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (2020)

Masters in Certified Addictions Professional- MCAP (2018)

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida since 2010

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